World Trade Center seen from Bay Ridge Brooklyn – August 2012


I haven’t been inside the new building. I lived in Brooklyn when the attacks happened and mercifully slept through it without seeing anything that could have been seen clear as day from our roof in Bushwick. I kinda wish they’d built the two towers similarly. Never had a chance to go to the observation deck. My father’s new a few people in his agency’s department who were killed. I didn’t know anyone and it never particularly effected me until I started having weird dreams years later, probably related to something else entirely. Not afraid of heights, but I’m not a big fan of towers. Last summer I went to the CN Tower in Toronto at night time. That was awesome.

Eating in front of the aboratorium (Albany, New York) – October 2009

This structure, located on Lark Street in Albany, now houses an upscale Asian cuisine restaurant. I’m sure the food is fine, but I can’t imagine eating there. The thought of the horror and sadness of that place is quite unappetizing. Planned Parenthood has since relocated to another place uptown. I find Planned Parenthood to be a smug, entitled and dishonest organization that my party, the Democrats are supposed to bow down to and not question.