Winter 1 – Cardinals 0 – (Castleton, NY) – January 2011


This may be one of the only photos I’ve put on the Web that was taken on a cellphone camera. My now-mother-in-law occasionally has birds fly into her living room window. The guy in this photo from back in 2011, was dead on impact. Earlier this week, she and my father-in-law took a wounded cardinal to a vet 30 miles away to no avail. They are very nice people.


Sidewalk work (Castleton, NY) May 2012

Stewart’s is Upstate New York’s premiere convenience store. When this location left my village two years after its renovation, it left a hole in our already blighted village. It is sad to think of because at one point there were many stores downtown – at least enough for everything one would need without having to drive far. A family has been trying to revive that particular abandoned building with a new convenience store, but it is taking a long while to get going.