Unprocessed anger (New Baltimore, NY) – March 2013


I’ll admit, I was no George W. Bush fan, particularly because of his pointless excursion into Iraq, which appears to have planted the seeds for force to be reckoned with for decades to come, which is of course was Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia and now is ISIS. As much disdain as I have for the effete and aloof Obama, his administration did not sow instability into Iraq and the neighboring regions. Anyway, I’ve found the left – particularly the progressive left – to be just as unconscionably vicious as the Tea Party people of several years ago. Everything is Bush’s fault or the cause of hegemony or capitalism or even the so-called and certainly marginal Christian right. To me, bashing a political enemy and waving a brand says much more about the mental state of the character than the policies they claim to support. I know of an extreme Tea Party guy who has covered his lawn with signs denouncing anything and everything Obama. He’s the ultimate nightmare neighbor (I’ll post pictures later). Clearly, it’s a personal thing rather than a political thing. It’s a need for confrontation and negative attention. A lot of Tea Party people are that way. Progressives, ditto. Anyway, I took this photo in 2013, several years after Bush had left to go back to Crawford and paint. Hell, it may still be on that shed. Unprocessed anger.


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