5 thoughts on “Marriage protest (Capitol building – Albany) – June 2011

    • I think you really quite have the wrong idea about me. Perhaps you should look at page. It has nothing to do with gay marriage, for which I never advocated. I’m actually a married Catholic man who follows your blog because at times you make interesting points about the anti-religious thought policing in the West. My advice is to take a deep breath, and look at the page of the person you’re insulting.

      • Nope, not Jacob. Like I said, I read some of your posts about litigiousness against religious institutions because, although I may differ with you on your approach – or calling people queers for that matter – I get worried when government goes so far in the direction of not wanting to offend anyone that it punishes people for having beliefs.

      • You get mad when you see “Legg Devine” on austlii.edu.au case law site. Jailed for religious vilification of satanic cult otoaustralia.org.au. Research the OTO and you’ll go oh my god, how could this actually be happening. If you really want t wake up Christians, I can send you links and research and you can take an approach to ring the alarm bells with that case alone. Vivivanne Legg and Dyson Devine jailed for 7 months for vililification of a satanic gay child sex cult. See Mark Dice’s video on Jay Z (not for Jay Z but for Crowley’s books) and Alister Crowley Wickedest man in the World Channel 4 documentary. He started the OTO in it’s present form, and is their prophet of sorts. They worship bathomet.

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