“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard”


I voted for President Obama twice, although I never have had much faith in any president or politician for that matter. I’m not really sure I even like the guy, and these comparisons to Truman and Roosevelt are hardly warranted. One thing that’s for sure in my mind, the man did his best on keeping the economy from collapsing in 2009 and that is where I’ll give him credit. In the years since, his nearly bringing us to war in Syria and his unabashed deaf ear to the concerns of religious organizations whose beliefs may be compromised by his health care plan, have given me pause on Obama. Maybe he is fitting the bill of the condescending elitist liberal he was accused of being in 2008. I certainly didn’t care for his predecessor or his opponent in the primary or general election. Too much faith is put in politicians and government in general. Everything from the invasion of Iraq, support for trade agreements, environmental deregulation, gun control, cutting taxes, redefining marriage, et al is a reflection of what people want in any given moment. I’m not sure my generation – left or right – consider things as honestly as they think they do. We seem too willing to go along with the current trends and put too much faith in mere human beings and then wonder why we got burned when things go bad. Doubtless, there will be some Obama regret down the road, much the way there was with George W. Bush.


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