Anti-abortion assistance center (Hudson, NY) – March 2011


Along a state route approaching the historic city of Hudson, NY is a strange looking, battered up building which is a resource center of sorts for women who are in a pregnancy crisis. I haven’t looked at it closely recently, but in the past it looked as if the souls who ran the place, really tried to set women up with basic needs (car seats, bedding, supplies, and literature for where to go to get assistance). They are non-sectarian, although clearly Christian. I think it is sweet what this family-run outfit attempts to do, although I’m not sure how successful it is. Down the road is a clinic that performs abortions. Perhaps these folks chose this building because a person approaching the women’s health clinic would likely pass the resource center. Regardless, I like it. Too often these days, those who oppose abortion are portrayed – perhaps at times reasonably and other times not so much – as women hating monsters. But the beauty and simplicity of this type of opposition is that it seems more geared at providing an emergency intervention and a life line for the mother to be put in touch with services she could avail herself of to care for her baby. It’s hard to argue with that. In an economically depressed area such as Hudson, it’s not hard too imagine that women are fearful of bringing life into the world. It ain’t easy. But it’s my view that there should be no shame felt. Life is life. People make mistakes. We live in a sex-obsessed society where going all the way is considered a rite of passage and the more the better. Of course this has disastrous effects on young people. And when the result is life then that should be destroyed, it’s doubly sad. I think it’s beautiful that there are people out there who will do what they can to provide some bit of support for these young women, who should not be discouraged from bringing these children into the world.


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