Sebastien Rieger – interesting photographer


Photo taken by Sebastian Rieger

I have no formal training in photography. Actually, I have only a vague idea of the terminology and styles of photography. I can say that I am something of a photographic philistine. What I know is that there are certain types of photos that I like and certain styles, although I have trouble explaining why. Hopefully, I’ll learn some day how to put it better in words.

For several years now, at least since getting a flickr account, I’ve probably clicked favorite on thousands of photos. Clicking “like” or “favorite” or upvoting something is pretty meaningless in and of itself, but recently I’ve gone back through what I’ve starred and finding some of these photographers absolutely awesome.

Sebastian Rieger is the name of a photographer whose pictures I really enjoy. Again, I have not an hour of photo theory or training, but when I see something I like, it often resonates with me on some level. I think what I like about this guys work is that a lot of it is off truly mundane and otherwise boring moments in daily life that he is somehow able to capture into compelling shots.


Rieger seems to be very good at taking anonymous public moments that have no particular significance and extrapolating, with the opening and closing of a shutter, something far more interesting


I am normally drawn to curvature in photos, but his photos have a lot of squares or angles. He must wait for just the perfect confluence of time and space with which to fit his subject into a square or rectangle or some other shape that is a part of the background.


I particularly like that he gets shot of people on their way places but makes them seem as if they belong right there in that moment perfectly with whatever the backdrop is. He seems like he employs a very patient attitude towards the pictures he snaps. I really like this stuff and I encourage you to take a look.

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