Photos of snow

This last winter seemed to last darn near an eternity. It came after a very mild and short summer with cooler than normal temperatures in my neck of the woods. Our first flurry activity was in early November and our last was in early April – a good stretch if you ask me. I’m hoping we’ll have a longer summer this year and some good stretches of hot days, enough that I wont mind the winter weather so much when it comes. Tonight as I walked out from the hockey rink where I play on Sunday nights I was pleased that at this time of year you can come and go with a t-shirt. During the fall and winter a jacket is most definitely required. With that in mind, here’s some photos of snow I’ve taken over the last few years.

Albany in Winter

Albany – 2009


Castleton, NY 2011


Albany – 2009

Central and Manning intersection

Albany – 2010


Tuppr Lake, NY – 2013

5_Amtrak at Castleton-on-Hudson

Castleton, NY – 2011


New York – Massachusetts border near Williams, MA. – 2012


Albany – 2008


Albany – 2015

Castleton_electric meter

Castleton – 2012

Sunlight breaking through Normanskill trees

Delmar, NY – 2010


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