Hurricane Sandy will make for some dramatic photos somewhere, but probably not where I live.


With Hurricane Sandy galloping towards the coast there are certainly a lot of people shutting themselves indoors depending on how bad the weather is going to get in their area. In coastal New Jersey it’s probably not a good idea to still be in ones home. Same deal in parts of New York City, Long Island and the Connecticut coast. Where I live in the Upper Hudson Valley the forecast doesn’t look too threatening. Heavy winds may knock out our power, but unlike last year when Hurricane Irene hit, I don’t think I need to worry about pumping Hudson River water out of my basement (knock on wood, of course).

brickyard road

When Irene hit last year I was able to get some shots that although not too dramatic, to at least help me remember just how much water people had in their yards and how choclatey the Hudson River became from its raging tributaries (about 45 miles away in Schoharie County there was historic destruction).




I should feel lucky to be away from the action for now. Sandy is forecast to be significantly weaker by the time she gets up the Hudson Valley. Still, seeing some of the photos on the news and on Flickr I can’t help but feel a little like my documentation of this storm wont make for very interesting photos.

We already had some strong winds today in the Capital District, but nothing like what people near the coasts are getting. In fact, the only way I’ve been able to reflect any movement in the air is through shots of tree branches lifted upwards or fallen leaves dancing on a street in Albany. But for me, photography is in part about documenting parts of the world I live in. I am thankful to be living in a place where the power is still on and the water is not cascading through my house. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing some of the shots people take from throughout the Northeast as the storm barrels through. Hopefully, the photographers and anyone else in the path of this storm will do their best to stay safe.


Albany_leaves blowing2


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