Welcome to the last blog I ever want to have.

Several years ago – 2007 actually – I had a blog that I kept going for a while. It had no real focus to it and eventually I burned out on it or became too busy and too scattered to really care. It’s floating out there in cyberspace. My focus since 2008 has been photography and while my ability to and interest in writing has diminished, I’ve taken thousands of photos and looked at even more photographs taken by professionals and amateurs. I’m able to lose myself and find different perspectives on things through a camera, but most importantly I feel this is the best way for me to document to myself and anyone interested the life and world I live in. It’s a bit presumptuous to think people do or should care about anything you write or photograph. Even so, it is nice to share with others. For me, I love to show people the pictures I take, not so much for the compliments or feedback but more so because I just like doing it. Photography is a way of arresting a moment in time and preserving it for ourselves or others to look at, interpret, view and digest. And on that note, as we’re talking arrest, I’ll leave you with another arrest photo that may be a little arresting.

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