Going, but not gone yet

Yesterday morning on my way from my gym into work I stopped in to an abandoned motel/office complex in East Greenbush, New York to get some photos. About a year ago I noticed the complex and stopped in to explore with my camera. It was neat going from room to room and capturing scenes from the lives of the people who lived there on a month-to-month basis.

IMG_9782 by Paul L Esmond

IMG_9782, a photo by Paul L Esmond on Flickr.

In one room there were hockey tickets next to a home pregnancy test. On the sink in another bathroom was an old prescription bottle from 1997. There were all sorts of seemingly random things in each of the rooms of the two one-story buildings that faced each other across a parking lot. In the middle of a lot is what I assume was the manager’s office, which was empty then and still very empty now.

N07/6251045909/” title=”East Greenbush_abandoned motel40 by Paul L Esmond, on Flickr”>East Greenbush_abandoned motel40

At some point early last spring the complex was cleared out, the clutter and artifacts of its old inhabitants placed in construction-sized dumpsters and carted off to the nearest landfill. It’s a bit sad to think that the people who lived there – it seemed it was up until 2009 – had to leave certain things behind like makeshift shrines and archery trophies that obviously meant something to these people, who likely lived on the economic fringes during the beginning of the Great Recession.


East Greenbush_abandoned Motel18

At some point the rest of the complex will be raised. A backhoe has been on the property for seven months now. I suppose its only waiting for the order to start crushing the roof in on the old rooms. In the meantime, I’m glad I was able to get in there before the structure lost context, and by that I mean the traces of its old inhabitants.

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